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Company overview
Image of a leader in Algeria
Created in 1967, the national publishing, communication and advertising enterprise (ANEP) has acquired a long tradition and a vast experience in one of leading communication trades namely advertisement and display.
The company is constantly widening its field of activity by the creation of subsidiaries spreading throughout national territory with international ambitions: advertising management unit, signposting, express messaging, printing unit and edition.
Nowadays, essential actor of communication, edition and advertisement in Algeria, it is therefore natural that ANEP is requested to conceive and manage advertising budget of major media events: African Cup of Nations in 1990, Pan Arab Games in 2004, International Book Fair of Algiers (Sila) for five editions.
ANEP is a joint stock company with share capital of 7.750.000.000 DA, it is privileged partner of state institutions, public and private operators.
Known for its credibility, know-how and quality of its equipments, ANEP is a consolidated leader in its fields of activity.


The advertising management unit is considered as the principal activity of ANEP (national publishing, communication and advertising enterprise), manager of the vast majority of national newspapers among the most important one. It is also in relation with international press in order to schedule and publish announcements of Algerian advertisers.
Thanks to its four regional agencies in big cities, fitted with high tech equipment, the advertising management unit ensures study, purchase and billing of announcements in newspapers. Through a team of professionals the advertising management unit offers to advertisers a range of services from conception, translation and execution to compliance monitoring of announcement.
The advertising management unit manages also BOMOP (official bulletin of public operator market, a weekly bulletin which is issued in three editions: Arabic, French and English. It gathers national calls to tender, prequalification, tendering, contests, extension of deadline, formal notice, termination, wage index, public works and building materials, studies, texts of legal and regulatory character.
The advertising management unit guarantees to its customers a contractual relation characterised by timely, efficient and quality service provision.