Why should you subscribe to BOMOP?


Receive preannouncement alerts

The user receives all the ads daily by mail according to predefined criteria.


View all published ads.

The information related to calls to tender is processed in real time, in a concern of legibility for professionals in different sectors with distribution in all activity sectors.


Remain informed about bids opening dates.

This option will allow you to obtain the bids opening date from the first publication.

Our subscriptions


  • Once a week.
  • Viewing and  printing BOMOP  advertisements.
12 000DZD/year


  • 05 sectors.
  • Taking charge of advertisements alerts and taking charge of bids opening dates (+ 4000 DA).
18 000DZD/year


  • 10 sectors.
  • Taking  charge  of advertisements  alerts and taking  charge of  bids opening dates (+ 4000 DA).
33 000DZD/year


  • All  sectors .
  • Taking  charge  of advertisements  alerts  with  an  amount .
  • Taking charge of  bids opening  dates .
42 000DZD/year

Advertising prices

Your display ads can be published every Saturday in color on the coverage and in black and white inside

# Emplacement Price  excluding taxes/DZD
1 Color   page in  inside  back  cover 60000
2 Color  page  in  inside  cover 80000
3 Color  page   in  back  cover 100000
4 Central  page in  black   and  white 50000

Contract of 3 months
13 consecutive insertions = disount of 10%

Contract of 6 months
26 consecutive insertions = disount of 20%

Contract of 12 months
52 consecutive insertions = disount of 30%

Wage index

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